Tuesday, June 7, 2011

So Much To Do, So Little Time

No Trolls Under This Bridge
Crafts, Crafts, Get Your Crafts Here
Swirl & Twirl
How Many Licks to The Center or More Like Bites (It's 1)
Downright Cute.
Music to My Ears
The Belle of the Ball...or Brooklyn
Move Over Barbie
It always seems like the one weekend I have plans or am out of town, there are a million cool things to do.  Exhibit A: I was out of town for the New York Festival of Ideas sponsored by the New Museum (would've been a good post too).  Exhibit B: A few Saturdays ago played host to Brooklyn Flea's Smorgasburg, Brooklyn Craft Central's Shop the Archway in Dumbo, Bust Magazine Spring Craftacular in Soho, and the Total Atlantic Avenue Immersion in BK amongst a handful of other activities and events.  It was also my friend's going away party. 

Yes, all those events in the same city at the same time.  So logically, I based my decision on which event would be the most fun (and which was closet to my apartment).  The lucky winner was Brooklyn Craft Central's Shop the Archway under the Manhattan Bridge.  I love me a good craft fair as I love to spend money on frivolous things and am a sucker for a creative craft.  It was a small affair with small bites, handmade jewelry, and interesting trinkets.    

Some standout booths were Astor Knot with their canvas bags covered in funny sayings like "When Life Hands You Lemons, Ask for Vodka" and Twitch & Whiskers with their inventive catchphrase "Upcycled Jewelry, Downright Fun."  I liked how jewelry designers Lauren Blais and Ashley Vick decided to share a booth by merchandising their lines together to form a nice blend of the two.  Playing favorites, I favored Ashley's line Filomena Pemarco as it consisted of Geo rocks that sparkled yet were rough and edgy-the perfect juxtaposition between feminine and masculine.  

Another jewelry vendor that caught my eye was Andrea Bocchio Jewelry which comprised of colorful yarn twisted and wrapped around chain bracelets and yarn covered necks with baubles and beads in exotic, playful silhouettes.  Moving from things to adorn myself to things to fill me up, vendor Chocolate Swirl lured me over.  Their speciality? Delicious dessert treats in lollipop form known as Brownie Pops.  The trio behind this budding business were three friendly ladies with personalities sweeter than sugar.  I naturally asked each one for their recommendation even though I knew I was getting something with chocolate.  First thing out of their mouth's? S'mores.  First thing out of my mouth? Sold.  That soft S'more brownie pop melted in my mouth and was the perfect bite size treat. 

After attending the fair, my sense of curiosity only grew so I decided to explore Dumbo.  The first shop I walked in was music store/design boutique/street art gallery Halcyon.  The Shop that was stock full of vinyls and listening stations with a rock pond and modern chairs right upon entering.  Down the street was another type of gallery with handmade wooden furniture and an interesting name.  Olga Guanabara had a stunning sleek look with wooden chairs here and wooden tables there.  Elsewhere the store housed art, home decors and other peculiarities (their words, well said in my opinion).  The store even had a special sales associate bearing the same name as the shop lounging around and greeting all the guests.  No, it wasn't a female associate.  It was a large, chocolate lab.  It took all my strength not to settle down and move in to this gallery.

I finally decided to leave and stumbled upon a life size doll house.  No, not Barbie's Dream House-that's in Malibu silly.  It was Dumbelle, a pop up shop, with fashionable paper doll cutouts prepackaged or ready to be cut and colored.  The owner was inspired by her profession as a designer and decided to create the character May and her friends Katie, Sunny and their dog Moose.  Little girls could then choose a girl to decorate.  Hell, I wanted to pick up a marker and start coloring away.  It was the perfect end to my magical day of prancing around Dumbo.  I managed to do it all right before my friend's party.  I think that's what they call multi-tasking.

Shout Outs:
Astor Knot
Ashley Vick
Lauren Blais
Andrea Bocchio Jewelry
Chocolate Swirl

Places of Interest:
Halycon, 57 Pearl St., Brooklyn 718-260-9299 

Olga Guanabara, 63 Pearl St., Brooklyn 718-522-7100

Dumbelle, 145 Front St., Brooklyn 718-938-5704

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