Friday, December 16, 2011

Crumbs: It Takes Two ( x Two)

Welcome to the newest addition of Double Toasted: Crumbs, a toasty blurb about a delicious dish, interesting art exhibit, cool new boutique or whatever else excites me. The first installment is on a lunch date I went with my coworker and publicist extraordinaire Roxanne.

Feast For Your Eyes
Fine Dining
No Standard Paper Menus Here
4 apps = 1 meal


The lunch deal is initially what drew us to Duo, a new restaurant in Gramercy Park. It was not your typical $9.99 entree but rather their version of a lunchbox—albeit a classy one. With four variations on their light up menus, we both went for the Flatiron box consisting of mini sirloin burgers, Parmesan truffle matchstick fries, tomato and mozzarella and a market salad. IF my lunchbox tasted like this in elementary school I would've never tossed, traded or accidentally "forgotten" it. The meal was scrumptious from section to section and definitely lives up to the term 'lunch special'.

Places of Interest:
Duo Restaurant, 72 Madison Ave (at 28th St.), 212-686-7272

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