Sunday, January 15, 2012

When a Deal Becomes a Steal

I'm signed up for every deal type of website under the sun from Groupon to Living Social to KGB (it's like my version of Extreme Couponing). Everyday I glance over the numerous offers from all my email blasts only purchasing a deal when I'm familiar with the company. That all changed when a Groupon crossed my path for $30 worth of Forcella, the Neapolitan pizza joint in Brooklyn, for $10 bucks.

I had never heard of the restaurant but read some good reviews and decided to give it a go. I asked my friend Lauren to accompany me on my discount Italian adventure. As we wandered mere steps from the L train, we wondered what we had gotten ourselves into as the path we chose was not exactly the nicest part of town. Our fears quickly subsided upon entering the quaint pizzeria. The entrance was covered top to bottom in various pizza boxes from Napoli giving off a quirky vibe. The rest of the restaurant showed off its charming side with a 'mirror, mirror on the wall' theme and a small, Italian cafe feel with paintings and photographs.

We learned the restaurant was BYOB but luckily there was a liquor store across the street to pick up a bottle of vino. To compliment the wine, we ordered a variety of bruschette. The trio included sundried tomato, artichoke & olives and pecorino & garlic. Once we polished off our app, we decided to order a few pizzas to share. 

After a tough decision, we settled between a combo of Margherita Regina (cherry tomatoes and bufala) and Decumani (mozzarella, truffle, argula, pecorino) and good ol' classic Margherita. The fluffy wood burning pizza was so full of flavor it didn't last on our plates very long. Just as our stomachs were about to burst, the manager, a Native Italian himself, brought over a chocolatey dessert. Another molto bene dish. If Groupon continues to offer deals, scratch that, steals like this I won't be hitting the unsubscribe button any time soon.

Places of Interest:
Forcella, 485 Lorimer St., 718-388-8820 (newly opened location in Manhattan as well)


  1. Ha! Love those pictures of the dessert. LOOKS DELICIOUS!

  2. this makes me super excited to move to Brooklyn now! keep up the posts on Brooklyn's hot spots :D

  3. wow looks amazing!

    your newest follower Michelle