Monday, November 29, 2010

Chocolate Chips & Blueberries is Love

The Writing is on the Wall

Breakfast is Served!

Pretty much my daily motto
Sunday Brunch is one of my favorite things.  I love an activity that involves food, alcoholic drinks, and doesn't start before noon.  Then comes the hard part: choosing a restaurant.  It is a goal of mine to visit as many restaurants as I can in my NY lifetime so I'm a big stickler on not going to the same place twice no matter how good the food is (I've broken the rule a few times, but so far I've been pretty good at obeying it).  So we settled on Veselka, a Ukrainian diner on the corner of my old street (don't they say the best things are right under your nose).  The joint was packed, even the outside sitting was full as the temperature lingered around 50 degrees (gotta love New Yorkers who soak up every last minute of warmth before winter).  The decor inside was that of a typical diner with quirky sayings like, "Stuff Your Face," (which I did) and "Veselka is Love" and huge murals of animated characters on the wall.  After studying the menu carefully (even though I opt for the French toast 90% of the time), I ordered the pancakes based off my roommate's superb review.  Since I have become a little more adventurous with experimenting, I decided to jazz them up by adding not only blueberries but chocolate chips too (I used to be very picky so combining blueberries and chocolate chips is my definition of experimenting).  In adhering to the stuff you face motto, I tacked on an order of well-done bacon (the well done theme crosses many cuisines) and a potato pancake paying homage to my Midwestern shredded hashbrowns patty days.   I scarfed down the food faster than it came; in my defense, it was also past 2PM without a single drop of food reaching my stomach.  The pancakes were delish, a tad overly sweet but in doses were just right.  The potato pancake was extra crispy on the outside with the perfect amount of softness inside.  The well done bacon strips smothered in ketchup hit the spot.  My meal was the perfect combination of savory and sweet.  To put it simply, "Natalia is (in) Love."

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