Friday, March 4, 2011

Color Me Crazy

Shopping in the City
Farmer's Market Run

Snapshot of Izak's Portfolio
Zoe knows.  When I open my daily Zoe Report from uber-extravagant stylist Rachel Zoe, I usually look at the image of what fabulous top, accessory, or hair product she is throwing our way and move on with my day (her taste is a little out of my price range, but it is fun to fantasize).  So when I opened today's report, I was intrigued by the water colors swept across the page.  I followed the link to discover Izak Zenou, an illustrator who has been in the biz for years working with top fashion brands from Chanel to Vera Wang to top fashion mags like Vogue and Elle.  In addition, his illustrations can be found on everything from canvas totes to stationary at retailers like Henri Bendel.  I clicked through every image on the site, and my heart would not stop fluttering.  The vibrant colors and gorgeous images were just the afternoon jolt I needed.  I am a very visual person so I go BA-NA-NAS (a la Rachel Zoe) when I see such breathtaking pieces of art.

Find the above illustrations and many more at Izak Zenou's website:

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