Thursday, March 3, 2011

All of the Lights

I saw the sign, and it opened up my eyes. (Thanks Ace of Base)

Bucket and Buckets of Goodness

Too beautiful to eat...although it didn't stop me.

Lunch is served.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.

The only time I'll ever like sports.
I'm from the Midwest where you can't throw a rock without hitting at least three shopping malls within a 10 mile radius.  My shopping experiences consisted of walking around your typical suburbia mall anchored by a Macy's with a Gap, Victoria Secret, and greasy food court.  I was happy to have those giant malls a thing of the past when I moved to NYC but secretly missed having multiple shops and food options under one roof.  Luckily, Limelight Marketplace (so trendy it forgoes the word mall in its name) came along as Manhattan's newest mall and get this, it's inside an old church.  A church founded in the 1800's turned into a night club in the 80's and now a trendy marketplace in the 00's.  The outside structure remains intact looking like a mini cathedral while inside consists of numerous shops and food stands amongst modern detailing and stain glass windows.  

This wasn't my first trip to the Limelight Marketplace so not sure if it was my mood, the fact that my Saturday was wide open, or that I wasn't overcome by excitement from the unknown, but this visit just clicked.  My friend and I walked around the marketplace with the intentions of ordering a slice at the newly opened Grimaldi's.  When we got to the famed Italian pizzeria, we learned they don't DO slices.  So the next best thing? CANDY!  It's Sugar, the grab and go candy store, is nestled in between the pizza place and the rest of dessert heaven a.k.a. The Sweet Room (their words not mine).  There are cupcakes, cakes, cookies, coffee, and gelato all in the same hall.  Basically crossing from one end to the other is a sure way to result in no less than 5 cavities.  

Rewind.  Before the candy, my friend and I wandered around into Jezalin's, essentially a mini-marketplace within THE marketplace.  The gourmet shop full of cheeses, meats, sandwiches, and breads looked like the perfect little place to eat lunch.  After studying their lengthy sandwich menu, we ordered a grilled eggplant, zucchini, tomato, mozzarella and pesto sandwich on wheat French bread.  Perfect meal to share as we devoured it crumbs and all.

Lastly, the dessert before the dessert (sorry, the thought of candy threw off my detailing the events in order) was ice cream filled with cookie dough at Ruby et Violette.  So insanely good I'm mad I only recently discovered it.  Originally a cookie shop, someone brilliant in the company decided to mix different flavors of cookie dough into different flavors of ice cream.  Combinations like Pretty Woman, a strawberry flavored ice cream mixed with chocolate chip/champagne cookie dough to Friday Night Foosball, a peanut butter cookie dough and dark chocolate combo basically had me drooling over the counter.  I even grabbed a business card, and I HATE wasting paper (I'm very green).

I guess I should mention the shopping.  Both visits I glanced here and there at the items in the stores, but didn't feel compelled to shop.  The stores are cute and quirky with everything from make-up to interior design to clothing and accessories.  I do covet all the designs in Brocade Home and Tina's Attic offers trendy clothing that won't break the bank while I wish my jewelry box resembled Old Hollywood's jewelry assortment, but my mind was elsewhere.  Most of my time was spent ordering food rather than trying on clothes.  Funny thing is when I went to the mall back in the Midwest, I usually avoided the food court.  This time, I couldn't stay away from it.

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