Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shhhh!! It's a Secret!

Ok, so the place I went to recently isn't really a secret.  (It was featured on Urban Daddy, even Yelp.)  But you could walk past it a hundred times and not realize that what lies behind construction permits and tapped windows is a hip, new restaurant.  Also, the current entrance is on the side of the building so that could throw anyone for a loop.  All I could say was the allure of this place was mounting. 

Thru the garden, with outside seating come summer time, and up the stairs, we entered the cozy restaurant.  Hudson Clearwater looks like and feels like someone’s West Village home with dim, warm lighting, a visible kitchen, and exposed brick walls.  First things first, the drinks.  A sparkling chardonnay blueberry concoction known as an Antique Kir (even their drink names are cool) hit the spot.  I sipped and sampled the other drinks ordered by my dinnermates and enjoyed them all but knew I had the real gem with my refreshing selection.  So on to the food. We decided to all get entrees and share various appetizers and sides.  For starters, we got a kale and celery root strudel on the house (helps to know people in high places or one of the owners).  We also ordered aged white cheddar biscuits (my fav app), an arugula salad with spiced pecans, and brussel spouts with pork belly caramel.

I ordered the steak medium well as my entree (well time to change the name of my blog and p.s. see two posts below).  The grilled hanger steak sliced on top of steamed spinach and ooey potato was the perfect din din meal.  For the finale, we tried all four desserts. Yup, all four.  In our defense, we were 5 girls and what girl doesn't like dessert.  From the chocolate & cherry canache to an apple tarte tain to a butternut squash cake, all the sweets were the ones to beat.  As the night went on, the restaurant got more crowded with cool, good looking people.  Single Ladies take note-I mean serious eye candy here.  Overall, the joint had a great ambiance, cool people, and delicious food.  Basically, this place won't be a secret for long.

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