Thursday, February 17, 2011

Not Your Granny's Sweater

Fille de Joie-Vintage Store # 1
Hippie Home Girl Mural
Rabbits-Vintage Store # 2
Inside the Rabbit Hole
To the front, to the front.
To the back, to the back.

Last but not least, the Majestic Buttons

I love vintage.  Ok, that’s a bold face lie.  I love the THOUGHT of vintage.  I love the lazy man’s vintage that you find at Urban or Anthropologie.  They do all the work of hunting the original down and creating a modern day version for half the price and zero the smell.  So needless to say, whenever I hear of a cool vintage shop, I add it to my list of boutiques to visit but never follow thru.  Little did I know that my Sunday in Williamsburg set aside for coffee shops and blogging would turn into shopping…vintage shopping.  I was attracted to the first store Fille de Joie by their sexy, boudoir windows with that va-va-voom feeling oozing from the door.  Upon immediately entering the store, I became intrigued by the colorful murals and wacky props.  It was like the theme was chic tchotchkes mixed with chic clothing.  I began fingering thru the clothes touching each piece trying to determine if the piece was cool or not (don’t act like that thought doesn’t cross your mind either.  We can’t all be Alexa Chung).  I fell in love with a gray cashmere sweater with glitz embellishment, but my bank account didn’t share the same mutual feelings.  I started obsessing over a black, silver, and gold metallic geometric clutch, but the angel on my shoulder told me to put it down.  So I left the store empty handed and was about to write off vintage shopping once more.

Further down the road, we stopped into another vintage store known as Rabbits.  A small vintage shop packed with color and print that hit me in the face like a double shot of espresso.  It didn’t take long to search thru the clothing not expecting to find anything when I discovered the coolest, radest 80’s windbreaker.  I would’ve snatched it up if I was still in college knowing I would win any theme party hands down.  Returning to reality, I put back Zach Morris’s jacket and noticed a tan chunky sweater.  Since I’m all over the chunky sweater trend like white on rice, I picked it up and what did I find? Deer portraits on the front AND the back.  This was the most chic, nerdy sweater I could find.  If the deer weren’t enough, the chunky cardigan had gold buttons with horse’s heads on them that sealed the deal.  After parading around the store as the shop keeper insisted we try everything on (good salesman technique), I whipped out my card and made it official.  For the most part the sweater is a hit.  It is me to a tee-quirky and cute with a hint of practical.  Only one coworker asked me if it was a tacky Christmas sweater, which I took as a compliment.  So vintage, you may have won the battle, but it is still TBD if you have won the war.

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