Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Forgive Me Blog, For I Have Sinned....

When I first saw this chart from one of my favorite new blogs, I was like where’s the love for the well-done steaks?  We don’t even get a box on the chart?!?  Well I may be one in a million, but I love well-done burgers and steaks.  I’ve been to countless burgers joints and steakhouses in NYC from BLT (burgers) to STK (steak) and always go against the grain by ordering my way.  Time for a Confession: I recently ordered a burger medium well…and it wasn’t my first time.  Oh god, it feels so good to get that off my chest.  So only time will tell if I go from well-done to medium-well, but don’t bet on it.  My blog is called Double Toasted for a reason.

1 comment:

  1. Once you get past the "grossness" of a bloody steak you will reach a new level of love for meat. Burgers medium well are fine but if it's a filet it needs to be no more than medium!