Wednesday, February 2, 2011

99 Bottles of Wine on the Wall

Vino, Vino, and more Vino

The Interior

Since I'm currently in a relationship with myself, I recruited my girlfriends to visit a wine bar in Tribeca and not a boyfriend.  Immediate opposition arose from my East Village friends about traveling ALLL the way to Tribeca thus only fueling the West Side vs. East Side rivalry.  After some persuasion and a few "suck it ups," we hopped in a cab to Terrior Tribeca.  Immediately we felt like we weren't in NY anymore with cobblestone streets and views of the Hudson River.  We arrived at the wine bar all dark and moody with bottles of wine stacked up to the ceiling behind the bar.  We managed to find a few empty seats smack dab in the heart of the place (also asked a real couple to scoot down, but let's just call it luck for now).  

After studying the encyclopedia they call a menu, we turned to our server for help.  Question after question she hit it out of the park all with a charming personality and not the 'I'm a wine connoisseur amongst you wine amateurs' mentality.  One friend ordered 3 tastings of Pinot Noir, another some bubbly concoction, the third a cocktail, and I went with 3 Riesling tastings.  The waitress brought all 3 bottles to the table for my tasting, gave a description of each one, and picked her personal favorite (it happened to be my fav as well).  Another round of drinks came and went.  Our waitress asked if we were hungry and brought us a few small plates to nibble on.  Good wine here, free food there all while the place never died down.  A group of young men even walked in to the place (so not solely reserved for couples).  Wish I could say this was the bar I reversed the opening statement, but that would be too easy.

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