Thursday, January 20, 2011

Classy Cafeteria

Ice Skating in Central Park

Entrance to Plaza Food Hall
One of the food stations
How do you top off a wonderful Saturday afternoon ice skating in Central Park?  Finish it with a visit to The Plaza Food Hall at the Plaza Hotel.  When I was faced with the challenge of finding a restaurant for us tired snow bunnies, I drew a blank (for some reason my friends think I know all there is about the restaurant scene.  What would ever make them think that? Wink, Wink).  See, I’m a downtown girl so my eyes perk up when I read or hear about a new restaurant below 14th.  When I hear about a fabulous restaurant anywhere else minus Brooklyn (see obsession below), it tends to go in one ear and out the other.   So back to the task at hand, as we walked thru the park, suddenly it dawned on me.   I tell my friends there is a new restaurant in the Plaza, and let’s do it like Eloise. 

The Plaza Food Hall, by Todd English, is like its name suggest but a classier, trendier version.  The place is comprised of mini food stations surrounded by large wooden tables for shared seating or bar seating.  We had the latter, which was much to my dismay, but I was wrong.  The bartender slash server turned out to be the slash manager.  Recommendations were made, internal struggles ensued, and what did we all order?  Burgers.  Amongst the sandwiches, flat bread pizza, pastas, and raw bar, we chose one of the simplest entrees.  It didn’t stop there.  Mac n’ Cheese, Parmesan Fries, and last but not least Risotto Tator Tots were ordered as well (gotta make use of the food hall's vast selection).  Luckily all our selections redeemed themselves.  The burgers were perfection with special sauces (mustard relish came with it) as were the frenchies (chili lime aioli was requested).  The tots were one of the best mash ups I’ve had in a long time mixing Italian and fried food while the Mac n’ Cheese was oozy goodness with pulled pork, caramelized onions and aged cheddar.   I was hesitant to order both of the above due to my pickiness (a term I use loosely now that I'm more adventurous in the food department) but completely satisfied with our decision.  Cherry on top-the slash manager from above “accidentally” poured us a 2nd glass of wine and gave us the "cute girls" discount when it came time for our bill.  The End. 

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