Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Tour de Guac

1, 2, 3, 4, (5), Get Your Burro on the Floor (or Wall)
Margs & Guac...Yum & Yummier
Fill 'er Up
Pre-Wolf Down

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words
The Spread
My friend and I have been to countless Mexican restaurants throughout the city.  Rosa Mexicana, Dos Caminos, Mercadito (my fav), Centrico, Mary Ann's (disgrace for Mexican), Mexican Radio you name it.  In fact we were at Cafe el Portal (a Mexican restaurant) this weekend, and I asked her if she remembered the last time we were at an Italian restaurant or any other cuisine together.  We both laughed because the answer was probably never.  So when I got an email about a Guacamole Crawl in Brooklyn I forwarded it so quick I don't think I even read the description.  My friend purchased tickets faster than you can say Ole!

The tour consisted of 3 stops all in close proximity in Brooklyn's Red Hook.  The first stop was 5 Burro Cafe.  A small joint that went big on decoration from colorful murals to pinatas coming out of the wall.  This place was Mexican cheezy, but I was eatin it up.  The fruity frozen margaritas came in mason jars with faux worm toys while the guac portion was generous and came with a side of salsa.  We were off to a good start.  The second stop Alma looked more like your typical sports bar and even included a ping pong table in the back.  Don't let the decor fool you.  The guac was on par with your hole in the wall Mexican joints.  The chips had the perfect hint of salt.  My friend and I joked about licking the bowl clean (which we both admitted we do in the privacy of our own homes or when no one is looking). 

Lastly, we stopped at Calexico, which was literally a crawl away from Alma.  This was not Calexico's first foray into the food biz as a food truck in Soho was their original stab at Mexican.  Kudos to them as round 2, the storefront, was impactful upon entering with a vibrant red wall covered in drawings and delicious smells coming from the kitchen.  We ordered an interesting drink known as the Michelada, which was beer, hot sauce, and chili powder mixed together.  As for the guac, it didn't have the same kick as our drink so our table began to experiment adding this hot sauce and that hot sauce to our dip.  In the end, the three different restaurants each had their niches as 5 Burro took the top prize for decor, Alma whipped up the best guac, and Calexico had the best alcoholic concoction.  Now my friend and I can add 3 more restaurants to our never ending Mexican list.

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