Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Artsy Fartsy Candy

How the Goodies Get Made
The Candyman (or woman)
Decisions, Decisions
Borough New York
How Many Licks to the Center
Thank God for Blackberry memos.  I have memos for restaurants to try, my grocery list, passwords, and then there is my desserts/candy memo.  Yes, I have a whole memo dedicated to bakeries, dessert shops, and candy stores that I want to visit (you know you're fat when...).  I've been to Dylan's, Economy Candy, and Dewey's in Brooklyn.  Those are the big guys.  My list is a little more unique with the likes of Papabubble, the artisanal candy store I finally visited in Soho.  

This candy store sparked my creation of the list so when I walked in I was surprised.  This wasn't your typical candy store with jars and jars of chocolate covered almonds, gummy bears, and jawbreakers.  Instead, it had one type of candy - hard flavor-filled candy in small pouches or jars.  With flavors like coffee, kiwi, and lavender, I was intrigued and a bit thrown off.  In the spirit of trying things, I decided upon a pouch of mixed fruits that way I could try multiple flavors in one dosage.  These candies are almost too beautiful to eat...almost.  I have since tried the colorful candies with pictures of the fruit they resemble in taste.  They are rather good and melt in your mouth quickly.  Time to virtually check off this candy store from my memo.  Don't worry, I walked past a doughnut plant I want to try in Chelsea this weekend.  This list isn't going anywhere.

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