Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The South Comes to the Bowery

A Hint of the South in the Big Apple

A Warm Welcome

Spring Fling

More Cheese Please! This Food is BA-NA-NAS!

Trying to Tackle the Entire Menu

"It's like cuteness exploded all over the place."  That's how I described Peels to a group of friends after going to brunch at the Southern looking, feeling, tasting joint.  Situated on Bowery, the street once known for its gritty downtown punk vibe now the home of upscale restaurants and designer shops, Peels doesn't help solve the street's identity crisis but is a good addition.  The outside is pure white aka sticks out like a sore thumb with scallop trim awnings and potted plants galore.  Inside, the restaurant is covered in sparkling wood, cream molding, sea green walls, and an abundant amount of sunshine.

I was in love the minute I stepped inside and was falling hard.  My knees gave when I saw the extensive menu.  They gave almost the entire back side of the menu to beverages from non-alcoholic drinks like fruit juices, coffees, and Arnold Palmers (how very Southern of them) to alcoholic drinks such as the brunch classics, inventive cocktails, and warm concoctions.  Decisions decisions.  With no Bellini in sight, I went for the Shaddock's Fizz (waitress approved) with grapefruit, St. Germain, and champagne (Natalia approved).  Now that my thirst was quenched, apps were next on our agenda.  I had noticed the multitude of pastry options downstairs at the counter and had to satisfy my sweet tooth.  Once again the waitress came in handy with suggestions since there were over a dozen options to munch on.  The chocolate banana bread won (chocolate anything always wins in my book).  My seatmates went for savory and ordered mini grilled cheese sandwiches.  Jumpin' on the savory bandwagon and because I read the egg sandwiches were the bee's knees, I opted for the "Build a Biscuit" meal.  My biscuit was your standard egg and bacon sans cheese sandwich with a warm, soft as clouds biscuit in place of a bagel.  To complete the meal, I got a side of hashbrowns-actual shredded potatoes in patty form and not your East Coast home fries (can't get on that bandwagon). This restaurant was peeling my heart away.

Unlimited options for drinks-yes, ma'am.  Delicious food-yes, sir.  Your next brunch spot? Y'all better make a reservation now.

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