Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mi Casa es Su Casa

The Backdrop

The Superior Interior

All of the Lights

Roses and Motorcycle Helmets

Chips, Dips, and Liquor

My Mexican craving kicked in again (like it does about once a week), and the debate to go to one of my favorite standbys vs. a new joint ensued.  Luckily for me one of my three favs (yes, I have three favorites) is in close proximity to two new restaurants I wanted to try on the Lower East Side.  Since I need to consistently do research for my blog (aka my reason for going out to eat all the time), I ultimately got to choose the place.  We headed to Casa Mezcal on Orchard and Broome.  Three blocks from my apartment and yet I felt miles away on vacation in a Mexican village.

Casa Mezcal gets an A+ in decoration.  The wall behind the bar is painted mint green with multiple cubby holes filled with decorations like vases, bowls, and instruments.  Across from the bar was a long wooden table with fresh stem tea roses in vases lined up and down table while the ceiling was decked out with colorful string lights.  Such a colorful ambiance in both the sense of actual colors and interesting decor yet was so dimly lit setting the mood.  My roommate and I commented a few times on how this would be the perfect date spot. 

Enough with stimulating the eyes and on to stimulating the taste buds.  We happened to stop by during Happy Hour with options like vino for $5 and margaritas for $6 (sometimes it pays to get the early bird special).  I ordered a hibiscus margarita with a tarty taste.  Next up was guacamole and chips, which is pretty much standard with any trip to a Mexican restaurant.  The guac was tasty and when I added a pinch of salt to the chips (okay, each individual chip) it tasted ever better.  And then the grand finale.  I usually order steak tacos but since I've been on the adventurous path, I ordered a Tlayuda (ya try pronouncing that).  The dish was an oversized toastada with black beans, avocados, Oaxacan cheese, tomato, onion, and chiles toreados with steak.  So my adventurous path was really an over-embellished steak taco.  My only complaint about this meal was the steak.  It wasn't skirt steak which I prefer but the dish was good, even better as a leftover.  Another successful visit to a Mexican restaurant.  Now I have my favorite restaurant, a good alternative, and a to-be-determined newbie.  Can you guess where I'll be going next time that crave kicks in?

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