Friday, May 6, 2011

Go Prep or Go Home

A House in the Middle of the Road

The Duck's Nook Covers the Launch

I need to preface this post with a side story first.  After hitting up my usual Sunday Funday spot The Standard Biergarten, my friends and I began to walk to Bill's Bar & Burger (this restaurant deserves its own entry solely on the fact that they have French's Yellow Mustard on the table alongside the other condiments).  As we walked down Little West 12th, I noticed a large, white structure in the shape of a house being built in the middle of the cobblestone plaza next to the Gansevoort Hotel.  I asked my friends if I was imagining it as my beer goggles were definitely secure on my face.  They noticed it too yet brushed it off as a potential movie set.

Now to present day.  My friend invited me to the Prep World Launch Party: a collaboration behind successful American designer Tommy Hilfiger and praised author of True Prep: It's a Whole New Old World Lisa Birnbach.  The location? You guessed it (at least I hope you did).  The large structure became a quaint, white house straight from Nantucket sticking out like a sore thumb amongst the posh hotels and the swank nightclubs of the Meatpacking District.

While 'sticking out' might be considered a bad thing to some, this was to Prep World's advantage as this house was their take on a pop-up shop.  Instead of converting an abandoned storefront into their temporary home to stock their polo shirts and board shorts, Prep World went big and built a structure true to the brand's concept.  The shop, which will remain up in NY for a handful of days before traveling the world, houses (no pun intended) clothing with stripes & anchors, accessories like scarves & wrist wraps, games, knickknacks like polo shirt shaped cookies & dog collars, and more.

As for the party aspect, immediately upon entering the press event I spotted Lisa Birnbach, Elle's EIC Robbie Myers and Creative Director Joe Zee.  Shortly after Tommy Hilfiger walked in with model Jessica Stam and Gossip Girl's Jessica Szohr.  Paper Magazine's Kim Hastreiter and Mickey Boardman also made appearances making it a full house.  Young, handsome models in navy blazers and pinstripe shorts served Arnold Palmers while guests pursued the merchandise and congratulated the collabing duo.  

Later guests made their way to the afterparty down the street (if you are really smart you maybe guessed it) at The Standard Biergarten. The space was completely transformed. I thought my beer goggles made a comeback without even having a drink!  All the wooden tables were gone and the ping pong tables placed in the middle of the room.  Along the side was a wall of faux green grass serving as the backdrop for the DJ booth anchored with large tennis balls and rackets.  The DJ spinning the tracks? None other than Alexa Richards, daughter of one Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones.  Tommy, Lisa, and crew made the rounds at the party that received a special visit from John Legend and his model gf Chrissy Teigen.  Party goers nibbled on sliders, truffle grilled cheese, and crab cakes.  Ice cream sandwiches, cookies, and other assorted goodies came next.  I looked around and thought this was the way to kick off a collaboration-True Prep through and through.  And this is just the beginning of another chapter in Tommy Hilfiger's and Lisa Birnbach's Prep World book.

Places of Interest: 
The Standard Biergarten 848 Washington St. at Little West 12th, (212) 645-4646 

Bill's Bar & Burger 22 9th Avenue, (212) 414-3003

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