Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Walk the Line

The Way to Get A Natural High
DVF's Headquarters
The Path to Nowhere
One park I always tell visitors is a "must see" in NY is the High Line in the Meatpacking District.  The High Line isn't your typical open lawn park but rather old, elevated railroad tracks that were converted to a long walkable path overgrowing with wildflowers, tall grasses, and gardens everywhere.  The park is divided into three sections starting downtown at Gansevoort St. and eventually ending at West 34th St.  The first section came to life in 2009 and keeps blossoming into something better.  

Take a Seat on The Porch
Sunbathing High in the Sky
Oh Hey There Empire State Building, Fancy Seeing You There
A new addition to section 1 is the cafe called The Green Table.  Resting slightly underneath the main stretch on the porch, it has views of the Hudson River and fare from local NY farmers.  Wooden benches and beds line one stretch of the section where visitors can sunbathe and relax.  The path continues to twist and turn until it reaches a set of cascading bleachers with a glass window overlooking the bustling 10th Avenue traffic.  Further down, the High Line passes Chelsea Piers and captures glimpses of the Empire State Building.

Art in the Park

The Section 2 Welcoming Committee

Section 2, that opened earlier this month, is all the rage consisting of new features and a beer garden at the end.  Technically, The Standard Biergarten is a hop, skip, and a jump from the entrance at the 1st section but that is old news.  Section 2 begins right where section 1 leaves off with a metal sculpture welcoming visitors to this narrow stretch.  The eyes are taken care of with outstanding views, the nose gets whiffs of floral and grassy delights and now on to the taste buds.  Food vendor La Newyorkina, a Mexican ice cream cart, serves iced fruit popsicles known as paletas but with interesting flavors like mango-chili.  Turns out I'm not the only one you likes ice cream as all but 1 flavor was gone by the time I made it to the cart.  Another highlight of Part 2 is the wooden "people watching" bleachers and the High Line's version of the Great Lawn (really a small patch of grass but nonetheless great). 

Time for a Brew

Time for Recess
Caution! Fun Ahead
And your prize for walking the mile long stretch? A good ol' beer at The Lot on Tap, Colicchio & Sons new beer garden underneath the High Line.  A wide open space flanked on one side with three food trucks and a long bar on the other with numerous wooden tables in the center makes this space perfect for communal drinking.  More relaxed and carefree than its counterpart the Standard Biergarten, the brews were a refreshing pit stop on our cultural walk-a-thon.  Cherry on top? The interactive playground located next to the beer garden.  Rainbow City, an art installation comprised of colorful, striped balloons and moon bounces, is where your inner child comes out.  By that I mean, I let my inner child go wild by running from inflatable to inflatable pushing them back and forth trying not to crush the actual children.  If it weren't for a bbq we had to attend, I could've played all day.  With that said, Section 2 has now earned my seal of approval.  Can't wait to see what's in store when section 3 is soon completed.  I can only imagine that it will reinforce my opinion on the High Line as still being a "must see."

Places of Interest:
The High Line, Meatpacking District

The Lot on Tap, West 30th St. & 10th Avenue

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