Tuesday, July 12, 2011

No Pain, No Gain

Welcome to Paradise

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much pain are you in? Well paying a visit to Painkiller, a tiki bar by design yet a dive bar by nature, is far from your average cure.  Located deep in the LES, my friend and I noticed its baby blue doors amongst the nitty gritty storefronts downtown and decided this was the perfect little getaway for the remainder of the evening.

A Zoo of Animal Toppers
Sir Mix a Lot...well Lady Mix a Lot
A quick lap around the narrow island lead us back to where everyone was congregating.  The bar was overflowing with blenders, fruits, mixes, and the thing that stole most of our attention-the animal toppers.  The flamingos, crocodiles, and penguins were the bees knees and a must-have souvenir.  After the bartender brought us back to reality, we refocused our attention to the real reason we came to Painkiller.  Looking at the interesting menu caused a minor headache so we let the bartender work her magic and come up with a concoction to ease our pain. 

Put Me Under Arrest
Then the NYPD showed up.  No, not the cops but Painkiller's take on a Miami Vice, a yellow and blue sweet drink topped with coconut shavings. The drink was as big as the entire force and the perfect drink to share with my partner in crime.  Sweet yet strong the drink was one of the many culprits on their menu that might make you answer the original question with a 10.

Places of Interest:
Painkiller, 49 Essex St., 212-777-TIKI

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