Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Art + Fashion on the Move

No Tacos on This Truck
Soho is one of Manhattan's shopping meccas. Lined with retail chains, dotted with boutiques and a department store thrown in for good measure (that would be Bloomingdale's for the shopping challenged), this neighborhood is the city's most fashionable closet. Every few weeks I make the trip up and down Broadway depleting my "savings" account as I go. I always frequent the usual suspects but recently discovered a new culprit in the form of a pop-up shopand not just any pop-up shop.

What made this pop-up different was it's structure. While most are vacant buildings or temporary leases, this shop was on wheels in a truck most commonly used for serving street food rather than selling t-shirts. Of course being the curious creature that I am, I popped in (no pun intended) and inquired about the space. 

Art for Your Walls & Your Body
I learned that the design house/art studio Convoluted Construct wanted to take their artwork past the canvas and on to people's bodiesand not as tattoos. This vision lead to the creation of a line of bamboo blend t-shirts designed with a twisted theme in mind. Their Spring/Summer '12 Collection Metaphorics, which was displayed throughout the truck, combines metaphors with graphics all why merging fine art and high fashion. The collection divided into two themes: Tales & Alice, takes popular fairy tales and plays up their notions and characters with intricate graphic designs.

The artists took their vision one step further and orchestrated the mobile pop up shop seen above. Known as 83rd Anomaly, currently touring the city, the shop was intended to look like a MACK truck from the outside and a beautiful retail space/art gallery on the inside. The art gallery as a retail store, the retail store as a truck and whichever other way you spin it only adds a nice mix to Soho and perpetuates the synergy the neighborhood is so well known for—and because there can never be enough stores in Soho. My "savings" account won't allow it.

Places of Interest: 
Convoluted Construct, moving target

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