Thursday, February 16, 2012

Love at First Sight

Nothing excites me more than a pop up shop. I love the creativity that transpires from a pop up's circumstances and the sense that if you don't check it out quickly it will be going, going, gone. So when I read about this new pop up shop that acts like a pop up but is permanent, I was intrigued.

St[ ]ry (a play on the word 'story'), prefers to be thought of as a magazine changing merchandise, theme and even the store design every 4 to 6 weeks similar to those glossies that are published monthly. To start things off, 'Love' is the first theme with the store divided into four parts: Love Giving, Love Sweets, Love Him and Love Her. 

'Love Giving' is the section for the shopper who loves to spend a buck and feel good doing it. With brands like TOMS shoes and PACT underwear, one's purchase could give a child a pair of shoes or help the environment. I purchased a pair of salmon and fuchsia art deco inspired heart socks made from 100% wind power. 'Love Him' was right off the 'Love Giving' section and housed merchandise such as cuff links, boxers and wallets.

'Love Sweets' was naturally my (as well as my sweet tooth's) favorite section. Filled with chocolates of various flavors and concoctions (i.e. bacon flavored chocolate) and brands like Vosages and Dylan's Candy Bar, this section hit a sweet spot during my shopping excursion.

Last but not least is the 'Love Her' section for the ladies. Lingerie, masks and candles fill this boudoir area of the store reminding me of a French mistress's bedroom. Any woman's bedroom wouldn't be complete without a jewelry box of some sorts and this jewelry box was rather large filled with heart themed jewelry and dainty pendants. After I checked out every inch of the store, I was happy that this stretch of the Meatpacking/Chelsea neighborhood had a new interesting retail venture. So go visit St[]ry before it starts its next chapter because as they say, "Love is fleeting."

Places of Interest:
St[]ry, 144 Tenth Ave. (at 19th St.), 212-242-4853 

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