Monday, April 16, 2012

A Rose By Any Other Name

I swear this blog isn't just about food. It has every intentions of being an all encompassing experience blog. It's just hard not to have every experience revolve around food in this culinary mecca I like to call New York. So when I heard there was a new gelato shop in the cityreason alone to visitthat was making a cones into flowers, I had to check it out.

Amorino, an Italian gelateria with locations all over the world, is nestled on a quieter part of University Place (a street that is really up and coming in my book) just north of Washington Square Park. The shop reminded me of ice cream with its decor of brown shades and hazelnut brick walls, mahogany wooden tables and chocolate brown leather seating. The hard to miss main attraction (that would be the gelato counter) covered the entire back wall flanked by a wall full of candy and other desserts baked up by their chefs.

Their speciality, besides using natural, locally sourced ingredients, is their flower petal shaped cones. These cones have the capacity to hold 22 different flavorsif you dare. While that is a challenge I could see myself accepting, I like to play favorites in the chocolate department. My flower blossomed from Cioccolato Amorino (milk chocolate), L'inimitabile (chocolate & hazelnut), Cioccolato al Latte di Soia Bio (chocolate made with soy), Cioccolato Grand Cru Ecuador (cocoa beans from Ecuador), Caffe Puro Brasile (coffee) and Lampone Willamette (raspberry)thrown into the flower pot to add some color. The L'inimitabile and Lampone were my favorite but overall I'm a sucker for anything chocolate. If New York can make the simplest gelato run into an experience consisting of edible artwell I wouldn't be mad if that's all I ever wrote about again.

Places of Interest:
Amorino, 60 University Place, Manhattan, 212-253-5599

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