Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Round and Round We Go

For someone who wanted to be 25 when she was 15, I'm actually a big kid at heart. From the excitement I get whenever I pass a candy shop to my love of games, my next adventure came courtesy of one local and her ride. Jane's Carousel, a carousel created in 1922 and restored by a woman named Jane after purchasing it through an auction, was my latest kid activity du jour.

After years of restoring it back to its regal self, Jane's Carousel opened to the public in Brooklyn Bridge Park last fall. Missing my chance last year, I thought it would be the perfect activity to usher in the summer. And then I thought who better to help me relive my childhood than the woman that was right there with me through it allno not an imaginary friend but my mother. For less than a price of coffee (a ride is only $2 bucks), we both rode one of the beautifully designed horses around the merry-go-round. What made it more amazing is the fact that you gaze out at the East River, the Manhattan Bridge and best of allthe Brooklyn Bridge, giving you that magical feeling that only children get or the lucky ones who call New York home.

Places of Interest:
Jane's Carousel, Dumbo Section of Brooklyn Bridge Park

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